Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Music and the (Farmer's) Market

Last Friday we returned to the Bernardo Winery to see our favorite kid band, Hullabaloo. Steve plays kid music and keeps the kids entertained while the moms (and dads) can sit for a few minutes without any interruptions. Jackson has been a fan of Hullabaloo since he was just a few months old and saw them play at Mission Bay Stroller Strides. The weather was gorgeous and the setting perfect. We bought a new CD to add to our collection. 

The RB Winery is a fun place to visit on its own--it has shops, a restaurant, a large grassy field for the kids to run on, wine tasting, and on Fridays, a Farmer's Market. We stopped by for some fruit before the Hullabaloo show. Riley enjoyed the sample of Greens Please's Green Dream smoothie so we bought a serving...and she drank almost all of it. The owner asked to use her picture on his website and Facebook so we agreed. She loved the mixture I think because we juice pretty often and use the same ingredients. Jackson is not a big fan of kale, but Ri seems to enjoy it at this point. It was delicious. 

The face of GreensPlease

Music, fruit, running, and juice made for a perfect early afternoon. Riley napped for three and a half hours after this adventure. Maybe it was the juice? 

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