Saturday, August 24, 2013

Yay Yellow Belt!!!

12 weeks went too fast. That's the time between belt testing. If Master feels that a student is ready to test, the special paper is given at the end of the 12 weeks...and a week later Jackson stood alone again in front of an audience as he answered the questions we had practiced. 

Grandpa Don said Jackson could get a Black Belt for his voice. 
He is often asked to lead the warm up counts because he is so loud engaging.

The first question was challenging even for (this) adult to memorize so we did our best to summarize...which seemed to work for Master Lee. Then after answering the next four questions, Jackson was asked two vocabulary words -- words we hadn't studied! Somehow the slides we reviewed online didn't match what he was asked. We studied the next belt's vocabulary I guess. He looked over at me like, "what?!" Anyways, he passed on his winning personality...oh and awesome Tae Kwon Do skills. But seriously, this is getting intense! 

At least the moves (?) are done as a group. It is impressive to see the growth by all the students. Jackson was a little excited about testing again. He kept bouncing around on the mat when his group wasn't up. Way to be serious, little buddy! He is only four, though. He is the youngest in the class and only the Masters seem to intimidate him. The Grand Master is our neighbor. Jackson is the shyest kid ever when Master stops by our house to say hello. Sometimes I tell Jackson I am going to ask Master what he thinks about ________ (whatever would earn a time out). I wish I was as intimidating as Master! 

After the hour long test, we went out for Greek--his favorite. Auntie Autumn joined the TKD fun as well as dinner. Sierra was out of town celebrating his brother's bachelor party. Riley stayed home with our sitter Hannah this time. Poor girl had four teeth come in that week so she needed time to rest. Spending the one-on-one time with Jackson was wonderful and I/we really need to do that more often. He loved that all of our attention was on him. #oldestchild 

Belts were handed out at the next class--I wore yellow...I knew he would pass!

So proud!!! "Mama I have a yellow belt! I did it!" 
We celebrated with pizza after being awarded his belt.

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  1. I'm so proud of you too, Jackson!!! Wish I could've been there to celebrate. LOL at the engaging comment and the Master leverage. Love and miss you both!!