Monday, February 25, 2013

100th Day of Pre-School

Today was Jackson's 100th day of his Montessori education. It is very different from a traditional pre-school and our little big guy certainly compares the two. I met with his principal today about some policy changes I wasn't happy about as well as the (lack of) communication we receive about how Jackson is progressing socially and academically.

It is hard to make a fair comparison between his old school (traditional and full time) to his new school (part time and Montessori faith based). With that being said, I could without a doubt say Jack LOVED his old school. After 100 days he likes his new school but it's not love. He is more social and enjoys group settings--and it was our hope that Montessori would encourage him to work independently as most of the "works" are designed this is taking a long time.

I had my withdrawal letter written but after today's discussion, we will wait a little longer to see if things improve. He begs weekly to go back to his old school and it doesn't help that we pass it on the way to his new school. We also have Open House this week and then I will meet again with his principal and teachers next week to see how we all can make Jackson's education more enriching. He is learning things kindergartners do not even cover and he enjoys math especially for this reason. He is also reading at the basic level and his comprehension is unbelievable.

Teacher-Parent communication should get better as they are starting a new technique this week after last week's professional development. And the principal agreed with me that the transition home during lunch was awkward so I can pick him up five minutes later to not cause a disruption. I had been doing this on my own and last week was "caught" with a not too nice email warning from the secretary about fees for being late when really I just wanted to pick my kid up when he had finished his lunch--not during it. Riley is certainly a fun distraction for 4 and 5 year olds!

Miss Riley is doing SO much better after a few days on amoxicillin for her first ear infection. I hope last. I had BAD ones as a child even after getting "tubes." :/

The kids were asked to bring in 100 things so Jackson counted out 100 Trix (first time eating those) and we did a math equation since 100 wouldn't fit in a baby food jar. He was really excited to wear his pajamas to school as part of his class celebration. He loved that he could just wake up and go to school without the hassle of getting dressed. Ha! We call him Lazy Jack. :)

Wouldn't you just love to roll out of bed and be on your merry way?

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  1. You are such a good Momma! I hope that jackson starts to enjoy his new school more. It's so hard as an educator not to expect the best for our own kiddos. Good for you for being so on top of it all!