Saturday, February 16, 2013

Oh What Fun -- Riley Turned ONE!

Our Party Girl!
See her special shirt?
I've used  Frances' designs (Things Very Special) a few times now for gifts or shirts for the kids. 

We celebrated Riley's first birthday last weekend with a musical theme because she loves music! Riley joined a music class at seven months old and really started to appreciate dancing, singing, and playing instruments so it made sense to choose this as a theme. 

Riley's smash cake -- too pretty to smash but she did!
Riley enjoyed every minute of her party and especially her delicious cake made by Auntie Angela (North County Cupcakes). I had asked her to make a smash cake that replicated a toy xylophone and she impressed us all! Darling! The rainbow cupcakes she made were yummy as well as adorable! We had a taco cart for guests so everyone left full of Musical Mexican goodness...and we had leftovers for days. Ha! Riley's favorite gift was from Gram and Grandpa--a pink wagon for her dolls. She likes riding in it so I had Jackson pull her in it to her cake. She also LOVED all the clothes she received. We opened gifts over the next three days and she kept walking around with her new clothes. My girly girl! 

I loved working with Shelle at Celebrate the Little Things--
her designs added the perfect touch to the party!

Party favors included personalized microphones, Riley's favorite songs on a CD, musical instruments, stickers, and music note crayons from Red Elm Designs.
The Musical Menu

I had guests sign a scrapbook page that I added to her first year scrapbook
which was pre-made for  us by my dear friend Marilyn.

The Kazoo wreath -- thanks Pinterest! 

The birthday girl checking out the decor before guests arrived with her sidekick, Abby.

Pretzel Drumsticks

Musical Fruit Batons

Braden was so sweet to share snacks with the Birthday Girl!

Two chicken tacos down...

Auntie Autumn and Uncle Marco

Pinata drum...only a few kids were actually big enough to enjoy
since we kept the guests to babies only for the most part. 

But it was cute and matched the theme! 

Auntie Angela holds the birthday girl. 

Charlie is an expert at pinata ribbons!

Jackson pulling Riley to her smash cake!

Jackson showing Ri how to blow. Love that face!
Playing on my cake before the taste!

Kendall wears a party hat!

My baby is ONE! She liked her cake!
Baby Ryan parties it up!

Brayden turned one a few days later!

It's my party day!

Conner looking so cute as always. I want his Mommy's shoes.  They drove down from the OC!

1 year, 8 1/2 months, 8 months...Grad School Besties' Babies.

Cousins from Ventura County: Zoey and Ella (7 months) snuggle Riley! They spent the night before with us--their first trip away from home with Mommy and Daddy!

Auntie Kelly looking so pretty with silly Riley (after eating her cake).

Thank you, Katie, for the great pictures below!!
Monthly Sticker Pictures

We spent three nights opening gifts.  Spoiled.
Hey, Hana--you turn 1 next!

Blow! Blow! Blow! What? You would rather stare at Mama's goofy face?

Jackson ended up blowing her candle out although we had been practicing blowing,
 there was just too much pressure. Ha!

...and now that Riley is one, we can only expect lots more fun as we enter the world of Toddlerhood! Looking forward to another super fast year with my two February babies. xoxo

Jackson and Riley's shared birthday gift--hours of FUN!


  1. What a fun party, Riley is a beautiful birthday girl :)

  2. Happy Birthday, Riley!! Beautiful little girl! The decorations look wonderful! :)

  3. Looks like great fun! Great decorations and party favors, too.

  4. What an adorable party with a perfect theme for Riley! Looks like she had a blast. Wish I could have been there. Love you Ri!!! Happy first birthday, sweet girl!

  5. Looks like such a fun party! Since both your kids' birthdays are in February, you're totally available to plan my kids' parties in July and August, right?!? ;)