Saturday, February 2, 2013

Babydoll is FOUR


You amazed your dad and me from the moment you were born--seven pounds and 13 smiled at me as you looked up to see me for the first time because you knew my voice. The last four years have gone by way too fast and you have grown so much.

At four you are becoming more responsible, compassionate, and inquisitive -- if that is even possible. You love learning and books. You have mastered your phonics and your teacher said you will be reading actual books in the next couple of months because of your fast progression! Your favorite books right now are Superheroes, Legos, Dinos, Star love even Riley's "girl" books secretly.

You are 37" and 37 lbs. the last time I checked. You have been eating a lot of bagel, cream cheese, and turkey sandwiches for breakfast and lunch lately so maybe that has changed. Your 3T shirts won't fit over your head so we chant "Big head! Big head" as we tug and finally decide to donate. :) You are really healthy and thankfully only were sick one day this year--just after Sister was born.

You have so much energy and gave up naps when Riley was four months old. Sometimes I try to trick you into an errand around 2pm so you will at least nap in the car. It helps us all when we get a little break. Daddy and I each spend at least 20 minutes with just you daily and this has helped a lot with your behavior.

Three has been challenging for us as parents but we got through it and everyday I remind myself that tomorrow is a new day! I have seen tons of growth from all of us as we learned to be a family of four during your third year. Thank you for having patience and flexibility at three.

We celebrated your birthday at school yesterday and you were asked to call your friends up to take a picture with you. Your teacher asked which friend you wanted to join you first and you chose your best friend -- Riley Grace. It is moments like this that make me so proud to be your mommy and who cares if you "accidentally" pushed Sissy the other love her the most and I am pretty sure that feeling is mutual.

I love you babydoll--to infinity and beyond!


Ps more party pix to come, mateys!

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  1. So sweet. Love the "4" pancake. That's adorable. Happy birthday to Jackson!!!