Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Riley has always been more curious about getting into things compared to Jackson. Maybe he opened a drawer once as a baby...

As soon as she started crawling at seven months we knew we were in for it. Cupboards, drawers, bins--all have been opened and emptied by Riley. She puts things back and likes to keep me on my toes by switching the placement of things like oven mitts winding up with pots and pans. 

Last week as I was cooking, she quickly opened a cabinet and somehow yanked a glass bowl out--it shattered into a thousand pieces on the tile floor. Scary. Thankfully, she stood still and I scooped her up. We were both barefoot. She was fine. Luckily Sierra was home to help clean up the pieces. Literally.

Three days after the glass incident, I made my first phone call to Poison Control because she crawled to the back of my bathroom cabinet, emptied bath soaking soap, and ate some. It looked like sand which she is also a fan of...but I think the vanilla taste plus soap stopped her?! 

I was putting clothes in the dryer when she ran up to me, threw up her banana from snack, and smiled. The woman at Poison Control was very sweet and calm as I tried my best to do the same. She advised me to look for signs of being lethargic but it sounded like she was fine and a trip to the doctor wasn't necessary. Riley was giggling as I was on the phone, nursed, and ate her dinner like nothing had happened. Meanwhile, Sierra is in the process of putting more locks on the cabinets.

Later that day, Big Brother poured himself a snack and then this happened. 

So he volunteered to vacuum it up. I think he saw the exhausted look on my face and knew better to ask me for help.

Riley now sits in the cage pack and play when I leave my bedroom or shower. We can't trust this monkey!!


 These are pictures from her actual birthday--we just celebrated with the four of us. She loved the cake -- homemade frosting that Jackson and I prepared on two Von's cakes. Yum!

New swing from Mama and Dada.
This will keep her out of mischief while out front...


  1. Scary! I can't imagine how hard it is to keep your eye on two kiddos. Donovan is like Riley and gets into lots of things, too. Let's hope our Baby #2 is more like Jackson. :)

  2. OMG - I had anxiety just reading about this! Luke still gets himself into all kinds of trouble. We have never left him unattended.. ever! We take turns showering and everything because we can't leave him alone! I don't know what I'm going to do when Laura is on the move too!

  3. Yep I can't recall J ever getting into anything. He was always too cautious. Not Riley. She will close her fingers on the same drawers or cabinets daily. Even when we are right there she seeks out trouble. But she is the sweetest girl ever at the same time. :)