Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Riley is ONE

A year ago today we were in the labor and delivery room anxiously waiting for Riley to make his or her debut. My water broke at 5 a.m. and at 4:49 p.m. we welcomed our beautiful daughter, Riley Grace, into the world -- 8 pounds and 13 ounces!! She cried as she lay her bare skin to my chest and I couldn't believe my instinct was correct and we would be buying pink...and lots of it!

Riley you have been such a blessing and perfect addition to our family. Jackson calls you his best friend and you treat him like your personal hero. When you both are laughing it is the happiest sound and I could listen to it all day. The only time you cry is when you are past 3 hours from milk or if I use my "stern voice" to tell you "no" -- or like today I said "hot!" so you wouldn't touch your birthday candle and you burst into tears. You already throw some tantrums and try hitting your head on things when you are upset and don't get your way so I scoop you up when I see that coming.

Overall you are sweet, loving, and so beautiful. You give us hugs all the time. Your dolls and animals receive tons of love from you. Your new favorite toy is your doll wagon from Gram and Grandpa--you prefer to sit in it. You love shoes and take them out of their cubby and then put them "back, back" five times a day. I could go on and on...we love you so much and are eager to see how you develop as a toddler. I hope it doesn't fly by like this year did...sigh.


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